What is Going on in the World Today?

What is going on here?!?

The fighting in Syria is ever increasing, and now it’s been discovered that the opposition forces are using biological weapons…..

The threat of civil war in Egypt…..

The massive nuclear leak in Fukushima, leaking 300-tons of contaminated water….

Miley Cirus is humping teddy bears and walking around like a drugged out freak during her VMA performance….

the list goes on….

The other day we were having dinner at a friends house, and all this craziness came up. I asked if they are worried about having children.  In terms of what’s going on in the world, are they thinking that our children will have a scary place to live in?  The answer from them was no, that our parents probably thought the same thing when we were babies (or when they were thinking about conceiving)….that the world for us as adults would be scary.  Their response was right, why hadn’t I thought of that?

It is in fact a scary place to live, but no scarier than it was for their parents or their parents parents.  The world changes, but mostly stays the same.  Different variations on the same thing….war, death, destruction, the demoralization of the entertainment industry (and maybe humanity in general), and so on and so forth.

Just like any mother, I want the absolute best for my children. But that doesn’t mean that they will live in a perfect world where terrible things don’t happen.  Us as parents need to be realistic in our expectations, that we can’t shield our children from the world. And it’s also true that you don’t appreciate the beauty of life without seeing the bad parts…it puts things into perspective. And its funny how perspective can change the way you live your life!

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