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Looking Back

With just over 30 days left living in Monaco, I’ve been doing some thinking and feel truly grateful for this amazing experience!  I have grown so much as a person, not to mention as a couple. Dealing with the not-so-perfect details of living and working abroad would make anyone grow up!  I still can not get over all of the traveling that we’ve done in the last 2 years.  We basically made it our goal to travel AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, with a goal of visiting somewhere different every other month. Here’s a quick look back at all the adventures traveling.


  • Rome, Italy


  • Florence, Italy


  • Istanbul, Turkey


  • Riomaggiore ( Cinque Terre), Italy

Cinque Terra

  • Alba, Italy for the Truffle Festival


  • Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest


  • Zurich, Switzerland


  • Limone, Italy


  • Berlin, Germany


  • Venice, Italy


  • Vis, Croatia


  • Tuscany, Italy for the wine harvest

564526_629106327109409_1862057259_n Tuscany

  • Provence, France


  • Paris, France


  • Milan, Italy


My only regret is not making it up to Scandinavia….I’m dying to show the hubs Copenhagen, Stockholm & Amsterdam, but perhaps another time.  I’d say with all this travel under our belts, we’re ready to settle down back in the US, plus it’s time for us to explore another continent (Asia anyone??)

*Feeling Grateful*

Anthony Bourdain quote about traveling



I’m officially on cycle day 17.  This two week wait is feeling eternal!

So I’m currently about 3-4dpo(days past ovulation), not sure exactly because I’m still waiting for the crosshairs on my fertility friend chart to appear (prob will pop up tomorrow). But I definitely ovulated on Saturday and Sunday, since that’s when I got 2 blazing positive OPKs, so not sure what’s taking so long for it to show.  Anyway, here’s what I’ve been feeling so far:

-Cramping (on both sides)

-Tender nipples…especially in the morning

-Craving sweets (fruit, cookies, etc)

And that’s it!  Basically all normal symptoms (from the medication), and nothing out of the ordinary that would stand out to me as “being pregnant”.  But I guess since the egg prob hasn’t implanted yet, I wouldn’t be getting any preggo symptoms. However I do have a strong feeling that this is our month, and that we might even be having twins.

I should probably hold out testing until end of next week, but I’m sure I will cave and test around Tues or Wednesday.  Fingers crossed for a BFP!

Praying for this next week!!!

Praying for this next week!!!

Another Doctors Visit

So as you all know I started 150mg dosage of Clomid this cycle.  I can tell how strong this was, because I was having vision troubles by day 3 of the meds and my skin was SUPER dry as well. I pushed on as I only had 2 more days of the medication.

Here’s my regiment:

CD3 to 7: 150mg Clomid

CD8 to 12: 4 mg of Provames Estradoil

CD16 to 25: 200mg of Progesterone


Friday I went in for my CD 13 ultrasound on CD 11, since 13 fell on a weekend. I was thrilled to see 2 beautiful, plump eggs on both the right side and left side.  Each measuring over 20mm (anything over 18 is great!). My doctor was VERY pleased. He estimated that I would ovulate the following day, and suggested that the hubs and I “have relations” and he asked that I start the progestrone on CD14, instead of 16. It was a great start to the weekend! Afterwards, I went shopping for a little something to spice things up for “having relations”.

I couldn’t help but google “can you ovulate from both sides at once”…as I had one good egg on each side.  And of course the results were TWINS!!  Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

I had a positive OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kit) Saturday night as well as this morning and I can definitely feel some cramping and bubbling down there.

Trying to give hopeful vibes for a baby in the uterus (and not the fallopian tube, like last time) and stay positive for a great outcome.  This is 100% our month, I just know it!  Can’t wait to confirm in just 2 short weeks!

I should also give a quick shout out to my amazing doctor!  He’s Dr. Xavier Delorme in Nice…just 10 minutes from the train station.  He speaks great english, and I can tell he really wants us to get results! And from asking around from a friend in the region going through the same thing….he’s much quicker, easier to get an appointment with, and more accurate with his prescriptions!  He helped me through the hardest time of my life, and I’m praying to add our little miracle to his list of wonders performed!

Lisbon Visit


Since we’re obsessed with traveling we try to squeeze in as much as possible from living in Europe.  We’ve even routed ourselves through Lisbon ,on the way back to Miami, for 24 hours.

The flights are booked…and I just booked this adorable flat in Barrio Alto for the night via for just $56:



Living Room

Living Room



Loft bed / bedroom

Loft bed / bedroom

Let the countdown begin: Only 44 days!!!! Now to plan what to do & most importantly, where to eat!!

New Nike Fitness Gear

There is nothing more motivating than new work out gear! I was walking by the Nike store here in Monte Carlo, and I was IN LOVE with this jacket I saw in the window.  Nike-Windrunner-Womens-Jacket-545908_401_A_PREM

I was on the way to get my eyebrows waxed, so I didn’t have time to stop….but it peaked my curiosity. Basically, I just spent the last hour on their website and have a “cart” full of about $500 worth of AWESOME gear! Keep in mind, my sports are running & yoga. But here is just a few of the goodies I picked out (Christmas hinting happening here 100%)!!

Nike "Leg-A-See" tights $45

Nike “Leg-A-See” tights $45

Nike Free 4.0 $95

Nike Free 4.0 $95

Elastika Tank Top $30

Elastika Tank Top $30

Nike Epic Running Capris...on sale for $60

Nike Epic Running Capris…on sale for $60


Now let’s hit the gym!!!

A Weekend With No Plans

Have you ever noticed that the best weekends are those when you have no plans, and you can say yes to everything and it turns out to be amazing?!?

That was this weekend for us..we had zero plans going into this weekend (which NEVER happens)!

Friday night we had a lazy night watched “Sons of Anarchy” via streaming website. It was a great way to end the week, doing absolutely nothing!

Saturday we woke up to a bright sunny day, so we took the doggies for a walk around the Monaco harbor and stopped for a coffee and to enjoy the sunshine.  When we got home, I had a message inviting us to lunch in Menton. We jumped on the motorcycle and spent a gorgeous afternoon hanging out.  We ate at Il Etait une Fois…., which was right on the promenade in Menton (884 to be exact).  You could enjoy the sun, the sea and people watching. The waitress recommended the duck, which I happily took her recommendation!  David ate the black risotto with a red fish on top. Our friends got the salmon and the duck as well.  Everything was really nice, and the service was great as well!  After we shared a tiramisu, which was not my favorite…but it was sweet and tasty all the same.

Davids beloved motorcycle Our friends with their doggy saying helloThe duckBlack risotto and fish

We wanted to walk off our lunch, so we took a stroll into old town of Menton. Which is really quite beautiful.  We walked up the hill towards the two churches. I’m sure there is loads of history around these churches, and there was tour walking by….but we didn’t bother to listen. We went into each church to admire the beauty and to say a prayer for our lost baby and for the baby that we will hopefully be conceiving this month. After that we walked around the shopping area and made our way home. We enjoyed a nice lazy night at home!!

Church in Menton Chruch in Menton photo 3 photo 5 photo 2 photo 4

Sunday we were good and went to church.  We met up with our friends there who invited us to go into Nice for lunch that afternoon.  We went to The Snug, English Pub in Nice and ate a delicious Sunday Roast!  We went home a few hours later nice and full and happy from a few beers.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5 photo 4

All in all, a great weekend that makes us sad to leave.  But it’s becoming bittersweet, because we are excited to move on from everything here in Monaco and get back to our family and friends in Miami.  However, we will miss all of our new friends and we will miss the beautiful Cote d’Azur! At least we still have nearly 2 months to enjoy life here in Monaco!

David’s Birthday Weekend

OK, so it’s been a week now since my breakdown.  I’m finally over it, but mostly because hubby said it was ok to try again this month.  So I’m hopeful that this is it!

But I would be remiss to not talk about Davids very nice birthday weekend!

It started on the 4th, his actual birthday!  Friday night we met about 20 of our closest friends here in Monaco at the Irish bar McCarthys. We chowed on burgers, and drank plenty of beers!  I even had my mother bring me a confetti cake mix from the US….so I baked that up and made my own cream cheese icing and it was a hit!  David was super happy and so was everyone else! David had such a good time, he didn’t get home until 4:30am (compared to my 1:30am arrival home).

birthday boy part of the crew! David's super popular more friends!

Saturday morning was pretty lazy since we didn’t get a great night of sleep. We were up and at ’em for the 5pm football match (soccer in the US). AS Monaco versus Saint Etienne….great game, very exciting.  Monaco won 2 to 1.  After that we rushed home to get dressed up for dinner.

AS Monaco game

For dinner I treated David to a new restaurant up in Monacoville called Montgolfiere.  We walked in to no more than 10 tables, and a small open kitchen. It’s an interesting menu, with traditional French items however each had a decidedly Asian influence. They also only offer two different set menus.  43€ for a started and main dish or 63€ for a starter, main and dessert.  David took the foie gras which was wrapped in sea weed and I took the potato soup with truffles.  Both were amazing! For my main I chose the Canard (duck) and David had the seabass.  Both again, fantastic.  And, the wine…how can I forget the wine!!  David selected a South African wine that was smooth and tasty for only 30€. All-in-all a great meal with a great price in a cute and cozy atmosphere.  Not sure I would become a regular, as it’s a small menu…but I would definitely recommend it for a date night, or a special occasion with your loved one.

Foie Gras wine the birthday boy!Cheese plate potato soup the duck Dessert The Seabass

Sunday started out lazy as well, but we were able to pull ourselves together for church.  After church our friends invited us over to their flat for oysters and wine. It was a great evening!  Our friend served fresh oysters and also baked some with his special recipe. Both were great, along with some nice champagne and David’s birthday weekend was complete!!!

Sunday dinner gorgeous oysters