David’s Birthday Weekend

OK, so it’s been a week now since my breakdown.  I’m finally over it, but mostly because hubby said it was ok to try again this month.  So I’m hopeful that this is it!

But I would be remiss to not talk about Davids very nice birthday weekend!

It started on the 4th, his actual birthday!  Friday night we met about 20 of our closest friends here in Monaco at the Irish bar McCarthys. We chowed on burgers, and drank plenty of beers!  I even had my mother bring me a confetti cake mix from the US….so I baked that up and made my own cream cheese icing and it was a hit!  David was super happy and so was everyone else! David had such a good time, he didn’t get home until 4:30am (compared to my 1:30am arrival home).

birthday boy part of the crew! David's super popular more friends!

Saturday morning was pretty lazy since we didn’t get a great night of sleep. We were up and at ’em for the 5pm football match (soccer in the US). AS Monaco versus Saint Etienne….great game, very exciting.  Monaco won 2 to 1.  After that we rushed home to get dressed up for dinner.

AS Monaco game

For dinner I treated David to a new restaurant up in Monacoville called Montgolfiere.  We walked in to no more than 10 tables, and a small open kitchen. It’s an interesting menu, with traditional French items however each had a decidedly Asian influence. They also only offer two different set menus.  43€ for a started and main dish or 63€ for a starter, main and dessert.  David took the foie gras which was wrapped in sea weed and I took the potato soup with truffles.  Both were amazing! For my main I chose the Canard (duck) and David had the seabass.  Both again, fantastic.  And, the wine…how can I forget the wine!!  David selected a South African wine that was smooth and tasty for only 30€. All-in-all a great meal with a great price in a cute and cozy atmosphere.  Not sure I would become a regular, as it’s a small menu…but I would definitely recommend it for a date night, or a special occasion with your loved one.

Foie Gras wine the birthday boy!Cheese plate potato soup the duck Dessert The Seabass

Sunday started out lazy as well, but we were able to pull ourselves together for church.  After church our friends invited us over to their flat for oysters and wine. It was a great evening!  Our friend served fresh oysters and also baked some with his special recipe. Both were great, along with some nice champagne and David’s birthday weekend was complete!!!

Sunday dinner gorgeous oysters


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