New Nike Fitness Gear

There is nothing more motivating than new work out gear! I was walking by the Nike store here in Monte Carlo, and I was IN LOVE with this jacket I saw in the window.  Nike-Windrunner-Womens-Jacket-545908_401_A_PREM

I was on the way to get my eyebrows waxed, so I didn’t have time to stop….but it peaked my curiosity. Basically, I just spent the last hour on their website and have a “cart” full of about $500 worth of AWESOME gear! Keep in mind, my sports are running & yoga. But here is just a few of the goodies I picked out (Christmas hinting happening here 100%)!!

Nike "Leg-A-See" tights $45

Nike “Leg-A-See” tights $45

Nike Free 4.0 $95

Nike Free 4.0 $95

Elastika Tank Top $30

Elastika Tank Top $30

Nike Epic Running Capris...on sale for $60

Nike Epic Running Capris…on sale for $60


Now let’s hit the gym!!!


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