Another Doctors Visit

So as you all know I started 150mg dosage of Clomid this cycle.  I can tell how strong this was, because I was having vision troubles by day 3 of the meds and my skin was SUPER dry as well. I pushed on as I only had 2 more days of the medication.

Here’s my regiment:

CD3 to 7: 150mg Clomid

CD8 to 12: 4 mg of Provames Estradoil

CD16 to 25: 200mg of Progesterone


Friday I went in for my CD 13 ultrasound on CD 11, since 13 fell on a weekend. I was thrilled to see 2 beautiful, plump eggs on both the right side and left side.  Each measuring over 20mm (anything over 18 is great!). My doctor was VERY pleased. He estimated that I would ovulate the following day, and suggested that the hubs and I “have relations” and he asked that I start the progestrone on CD14, instead of 16. It was a great start to the weekend! Afterwards, I went shopping for a little something to spice things up for “having relations”.

I couldn’t help but google “can you ovulate from both sides at once”…as I had one good egg on each side.  And of course the results were TWINS!!  Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

I had a positive OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kit) Saturday night as well as this morning and I can definitely feel some cramping and bubbling down there.

Trying to give hopeful vibes for a baby in the uterus (and not the fallopian tube, like last time) and stay positive for a great outcome.  This is 100% our month, I just know it!  Can’t wait to confirm in just 2 short weeks!

I should also give a quick shout out to my amazing doctor!  He’s Dr. Xavier Delorme in Nice…just 10 minutes from the train station.  He speaks great english, and I can tell he really wants us to get results! And from asking around from a friend in the region going through the same thing….he’s much quicker, easier to get an appointment with, and more accurate with his prescriptions!  He helped me through the hardest time of my life, and I’m praying to add our little miracle to his list of wonders performed!


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