I’m officially on cycle day 17.  This two week wait is feeling eternal!

So I’m currently about 3-4dpo(days past ovulation), not sure exactly because I’m still waiting for the crosshairs on my fertility friend chart to appear (prob will pop up tomorrow). But I definitely ovulated on Saturday and Sunday, since that’s when I got 2 blazing positive OPKs, so not sure what’s taking so long for it to show.  Anyway, here’s what I’ve been feeling so far:

-Cramping (on both sides)

-Tender nipples…especially in the morning

-Craving sweets (fruit, cookies, etc)

And that’s it!  Basically all normal symptoms (from the medication), and nothing out of the ordinary that would stand out to me as “being pregnant”.  But I guess since the egg prob hasn’t implanted yet, I wouldn’t be getting any preggo symptoms. However I do have a strong feeling that this is our month, and that we might even be having twins.

I should probably hold out testing until end of next week, but I’m sure I will cave and test around Tues or Wednesday.  Fingers crossed for a BFP!

Praying for this next week!!!

Praying for this next week!!!


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