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This is Really Happening

We’re in the final countdown to our big move back to Miami…

Friday the movers came and packed everything up to be shipped via container back to Florida.  We used an amazing company called “Cadogan Tate”. They were fast, professional, clean and friendly! Even the motorcycle will be shipped back Best of all they handled all of the paperwork with easy and professionalism. I would definitely recommend them!

Cadogan Tate packing up our belongings!

Cadogan Tate packing up our belongings!

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Quitting The Right Way!

Not sure which is better….this “I Quit” Email —

Here’s the entire email (with all names redacted):

Date: 11/06/2013 10:44 AM

Subject: Farewell and QUEEN BEY ALL DAY!

Hello XXXXXX Team,

After careful consideration, I will be ending my employment with PwC effective Monday, November 11th.

I’ve done two audit internships, one at Deloitte and one at PwC. I hated it then but I thought I’d give it a third try. Third time’s a charm right? GTFOH(If you don’t know what it means Google it!) Basically, my time here as an associate has confirmed everything I already knew ten times over. Auditing is a job for people who truly don’t have any other options and don’t know what else they could be doing. You work day in and day out pulling useless documentation and filling out useless workpapers that won’t really benefit anybody. All of it is BS! After asking dozens upon dozens of auditors what they think of their jobs and getting responses that include “I love my job!” or “I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” I realized just how fake auditors can be.
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Taboo Topic

As I struggle with our infertility battle…I grow tired of the fact that it’s such a taboo topic.  See I’m a very open person, and I’m definitely open about our issues trying to conceive. But I’m starting to become closed off about it.

It’s funny because after a few months people have offered me LOTS of advice, anything from “Just Relax, it will happen”, to “Maybe it’s just not the right time.” or my personal favorite “You need to gain weight”. But it’s also funny the people in my life that really avoid talking about it…I had a friend wait until she was 7 months pregnant to share her news with me.  I mean, did she honestly think I wouldn’t be happy for her?
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Looking Forward

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on what an amazing experience this has been here.

Today, I want to look forward and start to get excited for our big return back to the US.  Here are a few of the things I’m MOST excited about!!

  • Stores staying open past 7pm
  • Shopping on Sundays
  • Chipotle
  • Arbys
  • Stone Crab Claws
  • Having a car again
  • Beach weather 365 days a year
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Weekend Fun

This last weekend was one of our last 4 weekends living in the Cote d’Azur. So we decided to have a little fun.

Friday I was waiting to pick up a prescription, it was ready around dinner time.  So we went into Fontvielle to pick it up.  We decided we should stay for dinner, and went to have some sushi at Dark Home.  Walked in around 7pm, and couldn’t find a single person working there. I even shouted to the back to see if I could get someones attention.  Nothing….so we left!
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Weekend Getaway in Burgundy

After taking a few pregnancy tests this month, and having them all be negative we decided that we needed to escape and get our minds off things a bit and take advantage of our last bank holiday / long weekend while living abroad.

We had been told about a cute little village called Tournus, and we decided to check it out!  We booked a room at a sweet little B&B called La Tour du Tresorier, and jumped in the car on Friday morning.

We decided to break up the 5 hour drive with lunch in Aix-en-Provence. We arrived with perfect timing for lunch and did some googling while we were still 30 min away and found a yummy looking, highly recommended little spot called L’Alcove. However when we arrived they were fully booked.  Happily they recommended a place just down the street. La MilleFeuille, and it was SO GOOD!  We picked an amazing Beaune 1ere Cru wine (~50€), and went for the 25€ per person set menu of entree, main course and shared a dessert.  This place had the most unexpectedly amazing food.

Wine at MilleFeuille
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