This is Really Happening

We’re in the final countdown to our big move back to Miami…

Friday the movers came and packed everything up to be shipped via container back to Florida.  We used an amazing company called “Cadogan Tate”. They were fast, professional, clean and friendly! Even the motorcycle will be shipped back Best of all they handled all of the paperwork with easy and professionalism. I would definitely recommend them!

Cadogan Tate packing up our belongings!

Cadogan Tate packing up our belongings!

Sunday the painters came. It’s funny in France and Monaco compared to the US, owners are sticklers for a perfect apartment and can (and normally do!) keep money from your deposit to cover anything that wasn’t returned properly.  So its important that the apartment be in perfect condition during the final inspection. That means spick and span clean, with freshly painted walls. Check and check.

This morning I took the dogs to the vet for their annual vaccinations and to get their health certificates to fly back to the US. The girls were champions and only cried a little bit when getting their shots.  We love our vet here, and are sad to leave her. But we also loved our vet in Miami, so it will be nice to see her again!

Tomorrow we move into our friends apartment.  Since someone is buying our bed tomorrow, plus we don’t have any plates or furniture to sit on I thought it was a good idea for us to find a place to crash for our last few nights.  Our friends Emily and Jonty leave for Dubai this week….making it the perfect time for us to stay at their place and watch their puppy!

This is really happening, and in just 6 short days!


PS. A short update on this months TTC. It was a BIG fail.  My follicles never measured over 13mm (they need to be between 18-25). So this cycle was cancelled. We’re bummed to say the least.




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