Weekend in Miami

Last weekend we popped into Miami for a fun little weekend! Husband had a couple of photoshoots, I helped a friend set up her nursery and we met with a fertility doctor. Phew, it was a whirlwind weekend!!

We drove up on Friday because David was shooting an engagement at South Pointe Park.  The weather was a bit iffy, but he pulled it off and the pictures turned out great!  The couple seemed happy and David reported to me that he told them that “getting married was the best thing he’s ever done.” What a keeper!!!

I relaxed with my girlfriend while David was shooting, and that evening we met up with some friends for drinks after indulging in Shake Shack! Why is Shake Shack so good??  It’s such a guilty pleasure that we’ve been craving for the entire 2 years we spent in Europe.  I’m not such a beer person, but I really enjoyed their specially brewed brewski that night and will definitely getting it next time I’m there!

We met our friends David and Beatriz at the Abbey, a cool locals spot off the beaten path. Although we TOTALLY forgot that they are wine people, and don’t really like beer.  The Abbey offers ONE house red, which they ordered and were disappointed with….and we felt like jerks for forgetting how much they like wine. OOOps! So don’t go to the Abbey if you’re looking to drink wine. Despite all of this, we still enjoyed catching up and hanging out!!

Saturday we got straight to work on my friends nursery, washing all her baby clothes and organizing them by size. We washed her sheets and set up the crib….we even ran all over town looking for the rug at Target they wanted. I’m happy to say we were successful in finding it after going to a total of 3 different Target stores. We even went with them to pick up their new stroller at BuyBuyBaby. I must admit it was a bit uncomfortable to be the only NON-PREGNANT couple in the entire store, and it made us a bit sad knowing we’ve been trying for nearly 2 years without success.  But we sucked it up and carried on.

We lunched at Town in Coral Gables. A great spot for a yummy lunch with a small price tag.  I wolfed down the chilli and chicken quesadilla, David got the black & blue burger (that’s right burgers 2 meals in a row for him). We all shared (well not my preggo friend) 2 pitchers of mimosas and had an awesome meal and chatted with our old friends about the future, and how their baby will be here in just a couple of weeks!

That night we stayed in and watched 12 Years a Slave and ordered pizza.  What a horrible way to end the day, what a sad, depressing movie!

Sunday we got up bright and early and took a beautiful run around South Beach.  We ran past our apartment (we are waiting for our tenants lease to end in May, so that we can move back in), ran to the beach and our favorite South Pointe Park.  In the 2 years we’ve been away, not too much has changed.  But this awesome run definitely got us excited to move back to Miami Beach.

Our South Beach Morning Run!

Our South Beach Morning Run!

Sunday afternoon I caught up with a friend over coffee while David photographed our friends maternity pics.  And guess what?!?! She’s pregnant with TWINS.  Another reminder of this missing piece in our lives. But I’m truly happy for her because she’d been trying for years and years and visited with many doctors.  So this is an amazing blessing for them!

Sunday night we grilled chicken and relaxed with our friends and enjoyed the sunset.

Unbelievable sunset....only in Miami Beach!!

Unbelievable sunset….only in Miami Beach!!

Monday afternoon we met with the amazing Dr. Armando Hernandez-Rey! He’s a renowned fertility specialist in Miami.  We were so excited to meet with him, and he truly exceeded all of our expectations.  He was patient, listened, asked all the right questions….and I was over the moon to hear that he had experience with cancer patients. We went through all the paperwork that we had brought back from our procedures in Europe. He was concerned by a few things:

1. My FSH levels were high for my age

2. My inhibitB levels were high for my age

3. The volume in my ovaries was low, indicating that the egg reserves weren’t where they needed to be for a woman my age.

He ordered an HSG and more blood work, and decided that we will meet again to review all the options once we get these tests back.  He did “guess” that we would give the Clomid another shot and move on to IUI and potentially IVF. He said that since my egg quality and reserves aren’t that great….. with IUI and IVF we can better time things and be more accurate. I know these procedures are expensive, so we will have to figure out how we can make this work financially.  But we’re happy that he’s so positive about us getting pregnant!

Now only time and the test results will tell…..


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