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Charlie Hunnam VS Travis Fimmel

Ok, seriously……these boys could be brothers, am I right? Ugh, they’re both so hot!!!!!


Guess who is whom!!

Guess who is whom!!

So basically I started watching Sons of Anarchy last year whilst living in Europe…and I was smitten with the main charachtor, Jax (who’s is played by Charlie Hunnam).

Charlie in all his glory!

Charlie in all his glory!

And yesterday I started watching the first season of Vikings from the History Channel and I have a new crush! The main charactor, Ragnar (or however you spell it) who is played by Travis Fimmel.

Mr. Travis Fimmel

Mr. Travis Fimmel

THEN in dawned on me that they’re basically the same, incredibly HOT person! No wonder I asked the hubs to grow out his beard!!! I clearly have a type.



Starting Our IVF Journey

It’s official, we’re going to be starting our IVF journey! We couldn’t be more excited.

We went to the doctors on Wednesday and he seems to think that IVF is a good option for us! The finance woman at the office has called our insurance and we are covered 75% of the first $2000 (so, $500), and 100% after that! Can you believe it?  I feel like I won the lottery.

Now we wait for my period to come so that I can start 3 weeks of birth control pills. How funny is that, we need to take Birth Control for IVF. Ha, whatever…at this point I’ll do ANYTHING!

*Feeling Excited and Hopeful!*

My Fashion Dream Team

Men have their fantasy football….and I have my fantasy wardrobe. Here are my favorite “It” girls/bloggers/fashionistas who I want to steal their style and clothes! Hence my Fashion Dream Team!
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Pregnant Ladies and Babies…Surrounding Me!!

It’s official all of my friends are having babies! It’s that super weird time in your life where everyone seems to be moving forward, and starting to procreate. Which normally would be super exciting, however knowing our fertility struggles, I can’t help but be a little saddened by it. Continue reading

Today By The Numbers….

Number of birthday cake oreos eaten……23

Glasses of red wine…..1

hours spent on the beach…..2

client phone calls…..1


number of facebook movies watched….0

emails received today…..9

emails sent today….2

dog poops I’ve picked up……3

……and it’s only 4:30pm

Next Week

Well my amazing, talented husband has been invited to speak at the Miami Ad School as an “Ad School Hero”.  It’s quite an honor!  He will be lecturing and giving an assignment for the student to take on where he will critique and provide feedback. And they’re not only paying him, but giving us a 2br apartment for the week….SWEET!!!!!

I’m so so proud of him!  He’s come such a long way from the bar tender, sexy thing I met 8 years ago, to a successful business owner (shameless plug) and generally awesome human! I’ve got so much love and respect for this man…..don’t actually know what I would do without him!


HSG stands for….

Horrible, Sh*tty and Gross.  Wow, my HSG was so horrible!  I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally OVER with.The day started out so nicely!  We arrived at Baptist Hospital right on time (at 10:30am) and went straight to the outpatient check-in area as instructed.  The nicest people helped us check-in, which was super convenient, clean and fast.  They then took me to the waiting room of the radiology department.

I was asked to fill out some paperwork and change into a dressing gown….check out the HOTNESS!!photo 2 Continue reading