Weekend Visitors

We had some fun visitors this last weekend! My preggo friend Ali and her husband came to hang out with us.  It was the perfect weekend!

First we hit up Sparky’s Landing for HH on Friday night. We pounded beers (obvi not my preg friend), shrimp and chicken wings!! Then we went back to the apartment and watched a movie! Basically my most perfect weekend night ever.

Saturday we spent the day on the beach. It was the most gorgeous day without any clouds.  We even saw a manatee and I got a sunburn. We walked down to Sunset park to watch the sunset. Then we went to dinner at Lazy Days South.  It was delish! I had the stuffed lobster. David had the stuffed baked yellowtail. I can’t recall what our friends got, but everything was excellent!

Beachin' it!

Beachin’ it!

Mr. Manatee

Mr. Manatee

Lazy Days South!

Lazy Days South!

Sunday we went to the Stuffed Pig (please don’t judge them by their website…it’s sad really!) for breakfast with the whole crew, even the doggies. As we walked in the $2.50 mimosas caught my eye.  I proceeded to have 4 mimosas and the most delightful biscuits and gravy. We ordered a Texas French toast for the table to share..and wow, I will 100% be ordering this again next time I visit! Another amazing Florida Keys meal. Not sure how I was able to fit back into my bikini, but we hit the beach again and slept the day away laying in the sun.

photo 1 photo 2

Sunday night after our friends made their way back to Miami, David and I FINALLY watched the end of the Breaking Bad series.  Yea that’s right folks, we didn’t watch the Super Bowl….sorry, we couldn’t give a shit about football (unless it’s European footie!!).

Another fabulous weekend…they seem to be flying by. I can’t even believe it’s February.


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