HSG stands for….

Horrible, Sh*tty and Gross.  Wow, my HSG was so horrible!  I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally OVER with.The day started out so nicely!  We arrived at Baptist Hospital right on time (at 10:30am) and went straight to the outpatient check-in area as instructed.  The nicest people helped us check-in, which was super convenient, clean and fast.  They then took me to the waiting room of the radiology department.

I was asked to fill out some paperwork and change into a dressing gown….check out the HOTNESS!!photo 2

I waited then for about 20 mins for the nurse to take me back to the imaging room.  I asked the doctor to allow me to bring my husband back, and he happily obliged. He then explained the procedure, which at that point I was getting pretty nervous. Once he inserted the catheter, I figured the cramping was the worst part and that now it was nearly over and the worst was out of the way.  BOY WAS I WRONG. The second he inserted the dye, my entire body clenched up at the pain.  This wasn’t a cramping, or a burning it was an intense pain of which nearly made me pass out. I was squeezing Davids hand and clutching the side of the bed. The only good part was that it only lasts ab 30 seconds and it’s over. Boom he was all done.  Phew………

photo 3

This is the before shot….

I changed back into my clothes and the nurse gave me a diaper pad and I was on my way. The day went on and I got slight cramps here and there, but overall felt pretty much back to normal.

That was until I woke up this morning feeling like someone had kicked me in the vagina.  Woah, the pain when I stood up.  Even going from standing to sitting was even painful.  I popped some Advil and it took the edge off, but now I’m left wondering when I will feel better again.  Especially since I’ve abstained from sex for like 10 days now….poor hubby!

Hopefully I will feel better in the next day or so, because I will be calling the doc by then if it hasn’t gone away by then!


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