Pregnant Ladies and Babies…Surrounding Me!!

It’s official all of my friends are having babies! It’s that super weird time in your life where everyone seems to be moving forward, and starting to procreate. Which normally would be super exciting, however knowing our fertility struggles, I can’t help but be a little saddened by it.

Saturday we went with some friends to Art Walk Miami in Wynwood. This is always a super fun event, looking at art, drinking, looking at art, eating and more drinking.  Who wouldn’t love this?! Mid-art gawking, we felt some hunger pains and got a table at the new-ish restaurant The Butcher Shop. We sat, I ordered beer and some yummy meat and was super content. Until my 2 friends sitting on my right decided they were going to chat ab their pregnancy for like an hour. One friend, preggo with twins had been trying for nearly 6 years and both friends were FULLY aware of our fertility struggles….but somehow it did not occur to them that the conversation might be making me uncomfortable. As usual, I manned up and dealt with it and tried to change the topic.

Monday my best friend had a scheduled c-section and she gave birth to the most gorgeous little man.  Maddox Emmerson……and honestly I’m in love with him.  I went to visit him the first day he was born and just melted with love for this little human. Second day I went to visit wasn’t as easy. Holding him with the initial excitement starting to wear off, my thoughts wandered to whether I would ever experience this joy first hand.

Now, normally I’m not a negative person….but it was something in the back of my mind. Obviously, I don’t know how all of this is going to play out. But I’m trying to stay positive, and counting down the days until our next appointment with Dr. Hernandez-Rey, so that we can make a plan and hopefully get things moving!

Proud "Auntie"

Proud “Auntie”

Mr. Maddox

Mr. Maddox


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