Injection Schedule

So this is what $6000 worth of medication looks like! Ok, well $5,735 to be

That’s right kids, we went ahead and paid for our medication out of pocked since the insurance company said that this med was “excluded”. What a bunch of BS! Anyways, I’m appealing the decision….long story!

So we started our injections Friday night, and so far I’m feeling very good! Just a few headaches and cramps but nothing too horrible! We went in on Monday for bloodwork and ultrasound. They found 6 follies on the right side and 4 on the left…all measuring between 4.5 and 6mm. Here’s what my medication schedule has been:

Friday 3/21: 450IU of Follistim at 8pm

Saturday 3/22: 450IU Follistim at 8pm

Sunday 3/23: 450 IU Follistim at 8pm

Monday 3/24: 450IU Follistim and 150IU of Menopur at 8pm

Tuesday 3/25: 150IU Follistim and 150IU of Menopur at 8AM

and 150IU Follistim and 150IU Menopur at 8pm

Wednesday will be the same as Tuesday(today), and Thursday at 8am we go back to check on the follies with another ultrasound & bloodwork!

I guess I should also mention that I’m working with the acupunturist with visits twice a week an I’m struggling to follow the diet she recommended (rice and soup with each meal…only warm things….lots of fresh veggies….etc).


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