IVF Update

I can’t believe that I’ve been so remiss on posting. This last month has been so exciting! But no worries, I’m here now to give the play-by-play!!

So on March 21st we started our follicle stimulating hormone. We went to the doc at 9am, and they did bloodwork to ensure that my body was ready. That afternoon they called and told me for the next 3 nights to inject 450IU of Follistim. First 3 days I felt pretty good, no bloating or anything crazy.

March 24th, 9am another doctors appointment for bloodwork and an ultrasound. There were 8 follies measuring between 6mm and 8mm. Not too bad! My estrogen was only 78. Doctor decided to change up the meds to 2 injections at night and 2 in the morning of 150IU Menopur and 150IU of Follistim. That’s right 4 injections a day.

March 27th, 8am more bloodwork and another ultrasound. There were now 10 follicles around 9mm. Keep in mind, the goal is to get them to 18-20mm each. Estrogen was still pretty low at just 312. My acupuncturist was determined to get my Estrogen up! She gave me aggressive treatments 3x a week at this point and prescribed Royal Jelly to be taken every day.

March 29th at 815am another appointment for bloodwork and ultrasound. E2 (estrogen) was getting better at 980. But the follies are still a bit on the small side…measuring between 12 and 14mm. Continuing my 4 injections a day, but adding a 5th in the morning Ganirelex. This drug will help suppress my ovulation.

April 1st another appointment. E2 was now at an exciting 1860 and follies are growing steady at around 16mm, with a few at 18mm. Still 5 injections a day. Doc was thinking I would trigger ovulation the following day, so I returned the next day for another check up. E2 was 2088 and follies are bigger….but he wants to give them one more day to mature.

April 3rd….E2 is now 2355 and there are 7 mature follicles measuring over 18mm. Trigger shot was scheduled for 1030pm that night with retrieval on Saturday April 4th at 830am.

April 4th. Leave the house at 5am and drive from Islamorada to Boca for egg retrieval surgery. Arrive at 715 and no one is there. I begin to panic that I have the wrong place. Mind you, I was 45 min early and it was a Saturday. Anyways, at 8am on the dot a nurse pulls up in her car and I feel immediately relieved. Right on schedule they take me back and prep me for surgery. Everything after that is a blur…….except the fact that they retrieved 8 eggs. I was ecstatic!

That night I felt pretty crappy and bloated like I was 4 months preggo. But per the docs instructions I drank plenty of fluids and ate a nice healthy meal.

Next day I felt 100%, and was well enough to walk around for 6 hours in the heat at the Renaissance Festival. Such a fun day, and totally took my mind off of everything. That was until the drive home. I realized that I hadn’t gotten an update on my precious eggs. I start to panic, is something wrong….maybe none of them made it. Then I reminded myself it was Sunday and there was probably no one in the labs checking on my little angels. Patience….

Monday April 6th (day 2) I get word that 3 of the embryos are growing: one 5 cell grade B, one 4 cell grade A/B, and one 4 cell grade B/C. The others remain only at one cell. I panic slightly at the grade levels….but David quickly reminds me that we are blessed to have 3 and that they will grow and improve over the next few days.

Day 3 embryo reports: There are still 3 embies: one 8 cell a/b, one 8 cell B, and one 6-7 cell grade B. This was amazing news! They have all improved, although I am slightly concerned with the 6-7 cell because they are to double to it goes 2, 4, 8 then 16 cells. Not sure how it would ever be 6-7 cells.

No report on day 4, I think they figure they wont disturb them and just let them grow and flourish. My day 5 transfer is scheduled for the following day 4/10 at 11:15am. I’m instructed to arrive 30 min early with a full bladder (this helps straighten out the cervix so that they doc has a straight shot at the placement). I should also mention that the day after retrieval I have to start getting Progesterone intramuscular injection in the butt. That’s right, more shots….this better be worth it!

April 10th, we arrive at 10:15am back in Boca. And I’m slightly uncomfortable with a full bladder. 15 minutes goes by, then 30 then it’s been an hour. At this point, I’ve gotta PEE!!! Where is the doc? Turns out he had been pulled over and gotten a ticket on the way to the clinic. He finally arrives and we’re taken back around Noon.

They tell us that only 2 embies are still growing…we’ve got a 16 cell Blastocyst grade 4BB and one 16-cell Blast grade 4BC. In they go, the procedure in all takes 10 minutes. Me with a still full bladder tries to remain sitting to let the babies get nice and cozy in my uterus….but I can only hold it for about 15 minutes.

Babies first pictures!

Babies first pictures!

The next 2 days I’m on bed rest and dear David waits on me hand and foot. I don’t really feel any different, just more tired. I proceed to sleep 10 hours each night, plus naps during the day. Just feel like I can’t get enough sleep. Hopefully it’s my body focusing it’s efforts on making a baby (or perhaps 2)!!

Today, 4dp5dt (4 days past 5 day transfer), I feel great. Getting headaches and still feeling tired. Slight cramping, but not like period cramps. It almost feels like a stretching sensation. I know, I’m crazy…but I swear that’s what it feels like.

My bloodwork Beta HCG is scheduled for April 21st, but I have no idea how I’m going to wait that long. I will probably cave and test on a home pregnancy test in the next few days. Feeling very hopeful!!


5 thoughts on “IVF Update

  1. akw62307

    I’m in the same boat…just had my transfer today and not sure how I’m going to wait until the 26th for my beta! Good luck and I hope you get some awesome news next week!

  2. akw62307

    I’m still debating! I want to POAS but afraid of getting the false +. I think I might end up doing it next Wednesday (9dp5ft) since my beta isn’t until next Saturday.


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