My Freak Out

So I woke up this morning and wanted to POAS (Pee on a stick), and we had one last pregnancy test left. Half asleep, I went for it. As I sat there, I started to PANIC! OMG, the line isn’t that dark.

I get the HPT from 2 days ago, and compare. Eff, the lines are nearly the same color. My heart starts to race, and I jump on my iPad and immediately start Googling. I proceed to read some good and some bad. I put down my iPad and look down again. Dummy, I didn’t even wait long enough. It was TOTALLY darker. I mean, I got myself into this insane tizzy at freaking 7:30am for nothing. Phewwwwwww……

Clearly, I need to make another appointment with my therapist because I’m going loco!

Anyways folks, here is the pic of all 3 tests so that you can see the progression. Funny, even after I took this pic the tests sat there and the 9dp5dt seemed to get even darker. Enjoy!

From top to bottom: 9dp5dt, 7dp5dt and 5dp5dt.

From top to bottom: 9dp5dt, 7dp5dt and 5dp5dt.

I should prob talk about my symptoms at this point. Let’s see….same as the last few days. Feeling tired, sleeping and eating lots. We’re talking sleeping 9 hours a night plus a 1-2 hr nap every day. Sleeping LOTS (yes, being self-employed and newly pregnant is pretty convenient). My bbs are killing me, I’m so aware of them because they are so sensitive. Hubs says they seem fuller (YAY!). Vomited night before last (evening of 7dp5dt), after overeating dessert….there’s a good possibility that this is NOT a symptom, just a result of me being a piggy & over excited about cake! Also still having crampy, stretching sensation above my bladder. It doesn’t feel as frequent as it did around 5dp…but it’s def there!

My acupuncturist said that my face looked diff on 7dp5dt. But I’m pretty sure that’s the fact that the doc has forced me to stop all forms of exercising. So I went from running 3x and yoga 1-2x a week, to sitting on my ass and stuffing my face every 2-3 hrs. O well, small sacrifices!

Praying this little bean sticks around so that we can meet him/her or THEM. Beta Monday…..


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