Week 4

So last week was the 4th week of my pregnancy. Here’s what happened:

11dp5dt (4weeks and 2 days): Beta HCG test at Dr. Hernandez-Rey office. Came back at 245, which nurse said was great. They didn’t schedule a second, and scheduled a 6 week ultrasound for cinco de Mayo.


-Bloating (still not fitting into my pants too well).

-Sore bbs. At this point a sports bra is my best friend

-Started to get nausea in the early afternoon before lunch time. I never feel like barfing or anything. It’s more like sour stomach with gassy belching….thinking it might feel better to just vomit, but never getting that far. I’ve found that if I eat as soon as I feel nauseous it’s goes away.

-Cramping above the bladder and almost the feeling of sore stomach muscles like I just worked out.

-Dizziness started just last night (4 weeks, 6 days). Not sure if it was just a coincidence, but last night when I went to bed it felt like I had vertigo and the whole room was spinning. However, I quickly fell asleep…so it clearly wasn’t that bad.

My acupunturist gave me the following instructions:

1. No lifting, or pushing or pulling.

2. No intercourse (ugh, this one sucks….it’s already been about 3 weeks no sex, and I’m told I have to go about 9 more). Her words were “you can do other things”….true, true!

3. Keep exercise very light.

4. Continue to keep my feet warm and drink the broths. Easy to keep my feet warm, not so easy to drink the broths. They are bland and complicated to make…..I’m not going to stress myself out about this one.

Last week I also interviewed at the Miami Children’s Museum and visited on South Beach with friends from Switzerland. Overall, it was a great week and I’m feeling pretty good!

Today marks week 5! Hopefully this little angel sticks around. May 5th seems like it’s miles away, but next week were moving back into our Miami Beach apartment….so I have plenty to keep me distracted. And don’t worry, we’ve hired movers and I don’t plan on lifting a thing!!


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