Moving Day

Finally we get to return to our apartment in South Beach. I can not wait to be home and get settled. At this point we’ve been temporarily living at my parents spare apartment in the Florida Keys (Marathon to be exact) since moving back from Monaco, as we’ve had to wait for the tenants lease to expire (nearly 5 months).

This move back seems to hold much hope for us…hope for a family, a fresh start and new and exciting adventures!

Movers come first thing tomorrow to get all of our belongings out of the storage unit, then our bed and kitchen table are being delivered the following day. I’ll post some pics in a few days once we get things settled.

Here are some inspo pics from my Pinterest….kinda modern/contemporary and eclectic. What do you think?

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PS. Ultrasound’s in 6 days!! Can’t wait to see out little bean(s).


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