7th Week of Pregnancy

Today is 7weeks + 3 days of being preggo. So far, this has been the most difficult week. My symptoms are kicking my a$$…..I’m exhausted, moody, zitty, nauseous, sore bbs, and have had diarrhea for a few days as well. I just don’t feel like myself. I normally love food, and nothing tastes right. My complex and even my face seems to look different. Just not comfortable in my skin at the moment. Hopefully I get my groove back in a few weeks for the 2nd & 3rd trimester.

Finally made a decision on our OB/GYN. We’re going to use the doctor my friend is using, and she’s about to pop any minute, literally! It’s a practice with two doctors….Dr. Alex Ferro and Dr. Gregory Michaels. Crazy to think one of these blokes will be delivering my precious angel. I pray we’ve made the right decision. We meet with the new doc on the 28th.

We painted the nursery last weekend and picked out an amazing grey color, and plan to have one accent wall with a gorgeous banana leaf wallpaper (a la Beverly Hills Hotel). Here’s a pic of the accent wallpaper we’re going for….

Astek Banana Leaf / Martinique Wallpaper

Astek Banana Leaf / Martinique Wallpaper

Do we like the pattern repeat??

Do we like the pattern repeat??

I can’t believe that our little bean is the size of a blueberry and that (s)he is moving around in there. We get to see her/him (I def think it’s a girl!) again in just 6 days, at our final ultrasound with the RE specialist Dr. Hernandez-Rey. I love the staff there so much, they really feel like family. I hope to keep in touch and have them meet our little bean once (s)he arrives!



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