One Drop of Blood

So on Tuesday, I had just gotten off the phone with my college friend who excitedly shared the news that she too was pregnant with the SAME DUE DATE. I was beyond excited!!

I ran upstairs to use the rest room and as I got up there was a drop of red blood that fell into the toilet. I wiped and there was a bit more blood. My heart jumped into my throat as I said to my husband “OMG, I’m bleeding”. He came into the bathroom and we just stood there. I didn’t know what to do, or what to think. NO GOOD!

Trying not to freak out I laid on the couch. I hadn’t over done it that morning. I had just sat through a therapy session and acupuncture. Nothing too crazy. What had I done? Wracking my brain, I pulled up Dr. Google. That was after I went to the bathroom again to check for more blood….NOTHING. Ok, well that’s good!

According to Dr. Google, there were plenty of women who had some blood in their first and even second trimester and went on to have a totally normal pregnancy. That eased my mind a little. I called my mom, texted my friends who’ve been preggo. Mom couldn’t recall any blood. Of the 3 friends I asked about blood 2 had had some. Ok, ok I’m starting to calm a bit more. I was put more at ease knowing the next morning morning I was going to the doc so that he could make sure everything was ok!

That morning I got up and jumped in the shower. As I’m standing there, a pain in my left side, just above my bladder starts. I would say on a scale of 1-10, it was definitely a 6-7. I laid down, still there. I tried to relax, still there. O man, this is NOT GOOD! I got out of the shower trying not to cry. I laid on the bed and told hubs about the pain and immediately burst into tears.  We said a little prayer and headed off to our appointment….trying to hold back tears the entire journey there.

It was my first OB appointment, that’s right, I graduated from the specialist to the normal OB. I should have been excited, but I was nervous as hell. The paperwork and consultation took FOREVER!! I just wanted to see my baby! Make sure it was still here, with that beating little heart. Finally it was time for the ultrasound.



2 thoughts on “One Drop of Blood

  1. Jen

    Glad to hear everything is still okay. I’m sure that was pretty scary for you guys. Great video, I love hearing that strong heart beat.


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