Lippi’s Miami

Just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy fine cuisine. I mean, obviously there are things that I can’t enjoy at the moment….but I still get major satisfaction from an amazing meal.

One evening last week, when my parents were coming to visit, we decided to try out Lippi’s in the Brickell area of Miami. It did not disappoint!

The gang started out with some oysters. Man, did they look amazing! Some kumimotos and some New England oysters (forget the name). And can I point out the presentation is so awesome for every single dish!!



They also go to enjoy this gorgeous bottle of wine. I just had one teeny sip and it was outstanding! Great recommendation from the sommellier! photo 2

For our entree’s hubby ordered the Kobe beef which was just beautifully marbled. It came uncooked and you cooked it yourself on a block of Himalayan salt. Again, amazing presentation and great food to match!photo 3

I went for the Sea Bass special, which was marinated in Kalamata olives served with shitake mushrooms and tiny onions also marinaded. It was so tasty!

photo 4You can also see the sides we ordered in the above pic. We took the artichokes and the asparagus. I would definitely recommend both, so good!

Dad ordered the lamb, which looked so awesome…but unfortunately rare meat I’m off of for now during the pregnancy. And mom got the duck, which I don’t have a picture of, but she said it was great!

photo 5If you’re in Miami, I would highly recommend this place! Not only was the food, wine and dessert excellent…but the service was OUTSTANDING. Honestly I’ve never had better service in Miami, except at the Michelin star restaurants! Oh and PS they’re dog friendly in the outside section!




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