Fathers Day

By Sunday, I was able to hold back tears long enough to enjoy the day. Hubs and I woke up and decided to rent bikes for an hour and take a little ride around South Beach. It was lovely. In the back of my mind, I was sad that we weren’t making a big deal for David and his first Fathers day. But, it was no longer his first fathers day….as there was no more life inside my belly for him to father. He seemed content to bike with our doggie daughters.

Fathers day bike ride

Fathers day bike ride

Unfortunately, he had work to do the rest of the afternoon…so after our bike ride I met up with mom and dad. It was great, because my parents kept me distracted with a lovely lunch at Mandolin in the Design District. We sipped a lovely white wine, ate lamb meatballs and an awesome feta & watermelon salad. For my main course I had lamb chops (all amazing, and all things I had to previously avoid due to my pregnancy). We left happy, and jumped in the car to explore neighborhoods to buy a house.

The funny thing is, a few days before finding out we lost the baby, we had listed our townhouse with the main reasoning being that it wasn’t really baby friendly. And now that that it’s such a priority now, we aren’t 100% sure we want to sell. Regardless, we went house hunting for me to get excited about getting a fresh start with a cute little house over in Surfside. After a few blocks into the neighborhood, I fell in love. We drove around for over an hour, looking for “for sale” signs and seeing the streets we preferred. Again, it was a great distraction!

We ended the afternoon/ into evening with drinks by the pool at the Mondrian, which was the hotel my parents were staying. We enjoyed a couple bottles of Whispering Angel rose and people watched by the pool.

Drinks at the Mondrian

Drinks at the Mondrian

All-in-all it was an ok day. And it seems that as time goes on, it’s getting easier for me to cope with our loss. There won’t be a day (at least anytime soon) that it doesn’t cross my mind. But I’m starting to realize that there are other options out there for us, and that I refuse to give up our fight for our precious baby.


7 thoughts on “Fathers Day

  1. lilkrys

    That sounds like a very nice day. House hunting can be quite fun 🙂 Good luck with the search, you should def continue to house hunt as you never know what can happen within the next few months! You’ll always remember what happened to you, but just remember time will help heal. It happened to me 7 years ago on Dec 23rd 2007.. something so bittersweet.

    1. lfast07 Post author

      Funny how the day it happens is a date that sticks with you forever. Thanks for the encouragement. Have you been able to get pregnant since that day?

      1. lilkrys

        Yes, I waited awhile since I wasn’t ready at that time in my life and now that I’m married I am actually pregnant now. Trust me, since that happened to me 7 years ago I’ve been anxious my whole first trimester. It is crazy how that day will always stick with you, especially with mine being around the holidays .. It makes me tear up to think, crazy how I would have a 6 year old right now.. but I do believe everything happens for a reason. ❤ Once your body heals you are able to try again but just make sure you are emotionally ready too. Just keep yourself busy until you're ready to try again. XO

  2. Stefanie

    Your day sounds lovely, all things considered. I felt the same way on father’s day, the whole, it would have been my husband’s first, but now it isn’t… Sucks.


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