Date Time

After getting caught up in the pregnancy, and then the loss of our pregnancy my husband and I hadn’t dedicated much time to our relationship. Not that things were bad, but we used to take time to spend together and it seemed that as of late, we hadn’t committed to doing the same. I wanted to change that. We decided that it would be good to do a date once a week. One week I would plan, the following week David would plan the date. This week was my week.

I wanted to do something fun, and different. I’m honestly not sure where I got the idea. But I decided take him rock climbing at Xtreme Rock Climbing. Hubs had no idea what we were doing until we pulled up, and I think he was happily surprised.

Xtreme Rock Climbing in Miami!

Xtreme Rock Climbing in Miami!

Ha, nice outfit!

Ha, nice outfit!

I had signed us up for an introductory course. They teach you how to tie the knots, handle the ropes and how to work together as a team. There was one other couple in our class, and they spoke mostly Spanish, so I think they struggled a bit with the language barrier. Once we took the class we had a day pass to climb as much as we wanted. During the class D and I each went up the wall twice. It was scary, exhilarating and definitely FUN! After the class, we decided to take a break and go to lunch. Unfamiliar with the area, we asked the staff and they pointed us to a sushi and Thai restaurant called Sea Siam Connection in the London Square shopping center. It was actually excellent! And the restaurant was very cute, with amazing staff. Here are some pics of our rolls and crispy duck….

Roll on the L had coconut shrimp, and plantains on top. Roll on R had tuna, cream cheese and creamy curry sauce...YUm!

Roll on the L had coconut shrimp, and plantains on top. Roll on R had tuna, cream cheese and creamy curry sauce…YUm!

Nice decor!

Nice decor!

Having a good laugh.

Having a good laugh.

The food wasn’t cheap, but you could tell the ingredients were super fresh. Plus the rolls were HUGE! For all 3 items, the bill was $55.

After lunch we went back to the climbing place and spent another hour. Basically the difficulty of the climbs start at 5.6 (beginner) and go up to 5.12. We did a 5.7 and then got brave and did a couple of 5.8’s. I was very proud of myself and we both had an excellent time. I was happy to reconnect with David and enjoy an afternoon of mindless fun! I’m excited to see what he plans for next week….


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