Monthly Archives: July 2014

Finally “Not Pregnant”

I’ve been going every 2 weeks since my missed miscarriage and D&C, to have bloodwork for my HCG Beta numbers. The doctor was trying to track when I was below 5, which is considered not pregnant.

So every other week, I’m in that dreaded office sitting next to all the beautiful pregnant women. Looking into the same procedure room I had the worst conversation of my life. Seeing the same nurses who saw me at my darkest hour. It’s never easy…but I’m pretty excited to never have to go back to that place. My Beta results from Friday are in, and I’m officially under 5 HCG!

Slightly sad, but happy to be able to move onwards and upwards. It only took 5 weeks for my levels to get back to normal. Now I wait for the dreaded period……



The Rainbow After the Rain

No we’re not pregnant again……but things in our lives have definitely shifted into a new, amazing direction!  Let’s see, where to begin!

Well we’re currently under contract to sell our townhouse. We had originally listed when we were still pregnant, thinking it was time to move off of South Beach and sell our “un-baby friend” place and buy a home. After we lost the baby, we told ourselves, “Let’s just see what happens”. Of course, BOOM, we had an offer we couldn’t refuse! We close on the sale the 16th of August.

Next, David has accepted a new position at a company that is much more suited to his personality. He starts on Monday, the 21st.

I also have accepted a new position at Club Med (Think of the perks!!!). My start date will also be the 21st.

So with both hubs and I working, we will need to get a second car. We have started researching, but can’t come to an agreement (D wants a vintage Porsche, and I want a Jetta). Our plan is to lease since we won’t have the money from the sale of our apartment just yet. I guess we’ll go this weekend to look at cars.

What else….we had an awesome 4th of July weekend with the family in New York. We stayed 1 night in the city, and then drove out to the Poconos for 2 extra days to watch the Indy Car race. It was super fun. I’m hoping to post about that weekend sometime in the next few days.

We also went last weekend to my friends lake house in South Carolina, Lake Keowee. It was super fun, and had an Ohio State reunion of all our best friends. There were 6 couples, and 2 babies. I was thrilled to catch up with all my besties! We decided to try and get together once a year, in order to keep in touch. I’ll also do a separate post about this last weekend with pics and more details!!!

The best part about the sale of our house, that now we will have the funds to move forward with an egg donor or maybe even adoption. We’re still in the process of doing research and meeting with the docs (I go back to the RE on the 13th of Aug) to figure out which will be our path.

Lots of excitement in our lives. God is good!!