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The Rainbow After the Rain

No we’re not pregnant again……but things in our lives have definitely shifted into a new, amazing direction!  Let’s see, where to begin!

Well we’re currently under contract to sell our townhouse. We had originally listed when we were still pregnant, thinking it was time to move off of South Beach and sell our “un-baby friend” place and buy a home. After we lost the baby, we told ourselves, “Let’s just see what happens”. Of course, BOOM, we had an offer we couldn’t refuse! We close on the sale the 16th of August.

Next, David has accepted a new position at a company that is much more suited to his personality. He starts on Monday, the 21st.

I also have accepted a new position at Club Med (Think of the perks!!!). My start date will also be the 21st.

So with both hubs and I working, we will need to get a second car. We have started researching, but can’t come to an agreement (D wants a vintage Porsche, and I want a Jetta). Our plan is to lease since we won’t have the money from the sale of our apartment just yet. I guess we’ll go this weekend to look at cars.

What else….we had an awesome 4th of July weekend with the family in New York. We stayed 1 night in the city, and then drove out to the Poconos for 2 extra days to watch the Indy Car race. It was super fun. I’m hoping to post about that weekend sometime in the next few days.

We also went last weekend to my friends lake house in South Carolina, Lake Keowee. It was super fun, and had an Ohio State reunion of all our best friends. There were 6 couples, and 2 babies. I was thrilled to catch up with all my besties! We decided to try and get together once a year, in order to keep in touch. I’ll also do a separate post about this last weekend with pics and more details!!!

The best part about the sale of our house, that now we will have the funds to move forward with an egg donor or maybe even adoption. We’re still in the process of doing research and meeting with the docs (I go back to the RE on the 13th of Aug) to figure out which will be our path.

Lots of excitement in our lives. God is good!!


Lippi’s Miami

Just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy fine cuisine. I mean, obviously there are things that I can’t enjoy at the moment….but I still get major satisfaction from an amazing meal.

One evening last week, when my parents were coming to visit, we decided to try out Lippi’s in the Brickell area of Miami. It did not disappoint!

The gang started out with some oysters. Man, did they look amazing! Some kumimotos and some New England oysters (forget the name). And can I point out the presentation is so awesome for every single dish!!



They also go to enjoy this gorgeous bottle of wine. I just had one teeny sip and it was outstanding! Great recommendation from the sommellier! photo 2

For our entree’s hubby ordered the Kobe beef which was just beautifully marbled. It came uncooked and you cooked it yourself on a block of Himalayan salt. Again, amazing presentation and great food to match!photo 3

I went for the Sea Bass special, which was marinated in Kalamata olives served with shitake mushrooms and tiny onions also marinaded. It was so tasty!

photo 4You can also see the sides we ordered in the above pic. We took the artichokes and the asparagus. I would definitely recommend both, so good!

Dad ordered the lamb, which looked so awesome…but unfortunately rare meat I’m off of for now during the pregnancy. And mom got the duck, which I don’t have a picture of, but she said it was great!

photo 5If you’re in Miami, I would highly recommend this place! Not only was the food, wine and dessert excellent…but the service was OUTSTANDING. Honestly I’ve never had better service in Miami, except at the Michelin star restaurants! Oh and PS they’re dog friendly in the outside section!



Weekend Visitors

We had some fun visitors this last weekend! My preggo friend Ali and her husband came to hang out with us.  It was the perfect weekend!

First we hit up Sparky’s Landing for HH on Friday night. We pounded beers (obvi not my preg friend), shrimp and chicken wings!! Then we went back to the apartment and watched a movie! Basically my most perfect weekend night ever.

Saturday we spent the day on the beach. It was the most gorgeous day without any clouds.  We even saw a manatee and I got a sunburn. We walked down to Sunset park to watch the sunset. Then we went to dinner at Lazy Days South.  It was delish! I had the stuffed lobster. David had the stuffed baked yellowtail. I can’t recall what our friends got, but everything was excellent!

Beachin' it!

Beachin’ it!

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Rewind to Last Weekend

So it seems that I am super behind in posting what’s going on with us!Let’s rewind to last weekend….we actually, for ONCE, had zero plans and got to enjoy some time in Marathon!

Friday night we went to our fave Castaways for some sushi. We have always loved Castaways, it’s the most unassuming hole in the wall located down a random street in a trailer park.  But regardless of what it looks like, it’s really this fabulous and delicious restaurant with super fresh fish and sushi! We ordered a few of the specialty rolls and ate so much that we practically needed a wheelchair to get back to our car.

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First Post of 2014

I know, I’m a week late….but better late than never!

It’s been a whirlwind few days, and I’m just now getting caught up!

For New Years Eve, we celebrated with mom & dads 8 closest friends.  It was a wonderful evening full of yummy hors d’oeuvres and delightful wines! My favorite was for sure the Lynch 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4
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24 Hours in Lisbon

So in order to take full advantage of squeezing the most travel in before we left Europe and moved back to the US, we decided to book our flights back to Miami with a 24 hour layover in Lisbon, Portugal.

Portugal has been on our list for quite some time, and although we only had 24 hours we were determined to enjoy every last minute of our trip.

We flew from Nice to Lisbon, just a quick 2 hour flight…..

Boarding our flight from Nice to Lisbon....with SOOO much carry on it was majorly illegal!

Boarding our flight from Nice to Lisbon….with SOOO much carry on it was majorly illegal!

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This is Really Happening

We’re in the final countdown to our big move back to Miami…

Friday the movers came and packed everything up to be shipped via container back to Florida.  We used an amazing company called “Cadogan Tate”. They were fast, professional, clean and friendly! Even the motorcycle will be shipped back Best of all they handled all of the paperwork with easy and professionalism. I would definitely recommend them!

Cadogan Tate packing up our belongings!

Cadogan Tate packing up our belongings!

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