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Getting My Groove Back

This morning was my first run after being on “medical exercise rest” for 4 months. Felt good to get out there. It definitely wasn’t easy….but a quick 20 min jog was just what the “doctor” ordered.

After our run (hubs tagged along), I did some strength (sit ups, lunges, and arm weights) followed by an awesome morning meditation. I meditated with a new app, called Relax & Rest. I did the guided meditation for 13 min, followed by music for 5 min. I’m now feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

I plan on recording my meals on MyFitnessPal (another awesome app)…with a goal of losing weight. Currently I’m tipping the scales at 117, and my goal weight is my original 112 lbs. Only 5 lbs….let’s see how long it takes me.

Slowly, but surely I’m getting my life back and it feels AWESOME!