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Back to Monaco

So we’re back in Monaco after a lovely 2 week holiday in Tuscany.  What an unforgettable trip!  I’m working on my posts & getting all my pics together and will share some details from the trip hopefully tomorrow.

The doggies were returned to us on Monday evening.  Our dog walker/ sitter is so great. You can tell the dogs really love her!  But there is nothing like seeing your dogs after being away, they give you cuddles and kisses and so much love! We missed them so much, and talked about them nearly every day. They really are our fur babies. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to be away from a real, human child.

We returned to some hostility from the boss.  He’s once again trying to place the blame on the fact that we have no clients. Saying that every time we go on vacation, it’s when he needs us.  I love being the scape goat…it’s just great!

Since our return back on Monday we’ve been trying to finalize some plans for our move back to Miami. There’s just so much to think about….buying a car, where will we live, job, how can we budget, etc!! Just trying to put together a check list of everything that needs sorted out.

The Monaco Yacht Show started yesterday, which is a HUGE deal in Monaco. We have tickets, we just can’t decide the best time to go.  We went last year, and honestly it wasn’t that fun.  It’s mostly for yachting professionals, so we just felt out of place. Maybe this year it will be different.